ROLLAPADU Wildlife Sanctuary

LOCATION & AREA : Kurnool District. Area 6.14 Sq. Kms.
UNIQUENESS: The only habitat in the State for the rare and highly endangered Great Indian Bustard.
FLORA: Open dry grassland interspersed with thorny bushes.
FAUNA: Great Indian Bustard, Black Buck, Wolf, Jackal, Bonnet Monkey, Russell’s Viper and Cobra.
ACCESSIBILITY: 45 Kms. by road from Kurnool Railway station. Nearest Airport – Hyderabad.
ACCOMMODATION: Forest rest house at Kurnool, Inspection Bungalow at Nandikotkur.
SEASON TO VISIT: October to April.


CONTACT: Field Director, Project Tiger, Srisailam, Kurnool District, Phone :- 08524-286089, Divisional Forest Officer, Atmakur, Phone: 08517-283337