Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Code - Vol - I - Chapter - I




1. Extent and Application of the code:-

The rules contained in this code are applicable to the forest department of Government of Andhra Pradesh herein after referred to as the government.

2. Division of the State into Circles and Divisions:-

The administrative Head of the department is the Principle Chief Conservator of Forests with his head quarters at Hyderabad. He is also the technical adviser of Government in all matters relating to the department, For territorial Administrative purpose of the department, the State is divided into ten circles, besides the following special Circles.

  • Research and Development Circles.
  • Project Formulation Circles.
  • Research and training Circles.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Publicity Circle.
  • Telugu Ganga Compensatory Afforestation Project Circle. Nellore.
  • Social forestry Circle, Cuddapah.
  • Social forestry Circle, Hyderabad.
  • Social forestry Circle, Karimnagar.
  • Social forestry Circle, Vijayawada.
  • Social forestry Circle, Visakhapatnam.
  • Wild Life Management (North) Circle, Hyderabad.
  • Wild Life Management (South) Circle, Tirupati.
  • Field Director, Project Tiger, Srisailam.
  • State Trading Circle.

Each Circle is divided into number of divisions, as listed in the following table.


Name of the Circle

Head Quarters

Name of the Division

Head Quarters




  1. Adilabad
  2. Nirmal
  3. Jannaram
  4. Mancherial
  5. Bellampalli
  6. Kagaznagar
  7. Flying Squad
  8. Logging
  9. Saw Mill
  10. Logging
  11. Teak Plantation
  12. Logging
  13. Social Forestry, Adilabad
  1. Adilabad.
  2. Nirmal.
  3. Jannaram
  4. Mancherial.
  5. Bellampalli.
  6. Kagaznagar.
  7. Nirmal.
  8. Nirmal.
  9. Jannaram
  10. Manacherial.
  11. Bellampalli.
  12. Kagaznagar
  13. Adilabad




  1. Ananthapur
  2. Chittoor (East)
  3. Chittoor (West)
  4. Flying Squad (Sanalwood)
  5. Ananthapur (S.F)
  6. Chittoor (S.F)
  1. Ananthapur
  2. Chittoor
  3. Chittoor
  4. PILER.
  5. Ananthapur
  6. Chittoor.




  1. Guntur
  2. Markapur
  3. Giddalur
  4. Nellore
  5. Flying Squad
  6. flying Squad
  7. Logging
  1. Guntur
  2. Markapur
  3. Gidalur
  4. Nellore
  5. Guntur
  6. Rapur
  7. Gidalur




  1. Hyderabad
  2. Mahabubnagar
  3. Achampet
  4. Nalgonda
  5. Hyderabad
  1. Hyderabad
  2. Mahabubnagar
  3. Achampet
  4. Nalgonda
  5. Hyderabad




  1. Khammam
  2. Kothagudem
  3. Paloncha
  4. Bhadrachalam (North)
  5. Bhadrachalam (South)
  6. Flying Squad
  7. Logging
  8. Logging
  9. Teak Plantation
  10. Principal, APSF
  11. Khammam (S.F)
  1. Khammam
  2. Kothagudem
  3. Paloncha
  4. Bhadrachalam
  5. Bhadrachalam
  6. Khammam
  7. Paloncha
  8. Paloncha
  9. Bhadrachalam
  10. Yelandu
  11. Khammam




  1. Kurnool
  2. Atmakur
  3. Nandyal
  4. Cuddapah
  5. Proddatur
  6. Rajampet
  7. Flying Squad
  8. Flying Squad (Red sanders)
  9. Logging
  10. Logging
  11. Bamboo Weighment
  1. Kurnool
  2. Atmakur
  3. Nandyal
  4. Cuddapah
  5. Proddatur
  6. Rajampet
  7. Kurnool
  8. Cuddapah
  9. Atmakur
  10. Nandyal
  11. Kurnool




  1. Nizamabad
  2. Kamareddy
  3. Medak
  4. Flying Squad
  1. Nizamabad
  2. Kamareddy
  3. Medak
  4. Nizamabad




  1. Kakinada
  2. Eluru
  3. Flying Squad
  4. Logging
  5. Plantation
  6. Saw Mill
  7. Bamboo Weighment
  8. Kakinada (SF)
  9. Logging
  1. Kakinada
  2. Eluru
  3. Rajahmundry
  4. Rajahmundry
  5. Rajahmundry
  6. Rajahmundry
  7. Rajahmundry
  8. Kakinada
  9. Koyyalagudem





  1. Vishakhapatnam
  2. Narsipatnam
  3. Paderu
  4. Flying Squad
  5. Logging
  6. Extention
  7. Vizianagaram
  8. Logging
  9. Srikakulam
  1. Vishakhapatnam
  2. Narsipatnam
  3. Paderu
  4. Vishakhapatnam
  5. Narsipatnam
  6. Vishakhapatnam
  7. Vizianagaram
  8. Vizianagaram
  9. Srikakulam




  1. Warangal(North)
  2. Warangal(South)
  3. Karimnagar(East)
  4. Karimnagar(West)
  5. Flying South
  6. A.C.F. Vigilance
  7. Logging
  8. Logging
  1. Warangal
  2. Warangal
  3. Karimnagar
  4. Karimnagar
  5. Warangal
  6. Karimnagar
  7. Karimnagar
  8. Warangal

(kept in abeyance)


Research and Development


  1. Silviculturist
  2. Forest Gentecist
  3. Silviculturist
  4. Silviculturist
  5. Forest Utilisa sation Officer
  • Hyderabad
  • Warangal
  • Rajahmundry
  • Tirupathi
  • Hyderabad


Project Formulation


1. Working Plan Party No.I

2. Working Plan Party No.II

3. Working Plan Party No.III

4. Working Plan Party No.IV

5. Working Plan Party No.V

6. Working Plan Party No.VI

7. Working Plan Party No.VII

(The change quarters of these parties will change from time to time depending on area of working)


Research and Training


  1. Dy. Conservator of Forests
  2. Asst Conservator of Forests (2)

1. Hyderabad

2. Hyderabad


Monitoring Evaluation and Publicity


  1. Dy. Conservator of Forests – I
  2. Dy Conservator of Forests

1. Hyderabad

2. Hyderabad


Telugu Ganga Compensatory Afforestation Project


  1. Nellore
  2. Tirupathi
  3. Cuddapah
  1. Nellore
  2. Tirupathi
  3. Cuddapah


Social Forestry


  1. Cuddapah
  2. Kurnool
  1. Cuddapah
  2. Kurnool


Social Forestry


  1. Ranga Reddy
  2. Extension
  3. Mahaboobnagar Ext
  4. Medak
  5. Nagonda
  1. Hyderabad
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Mahaboobnagar
  4. Sangareddy
  5. Nalgonda


Social Forestry


  1. Karimnagar
  2. Warangal
  3. Nizamabad
  1. Karimnagar
  2. Warangal
  3. Nizamabad


Social Forestry


  1. Vijayawada
  2. Guntur
  3. Prakasam
  4. Nellore
  5. Eluru
  1. Vijayawada
  2. Guntur
  3. Prakasam
  4. Nellore
  5. Eluru


Social Forestry



  1. Visakhapatnam
  2. Vizianagaram
  3. Srikakulam
  1. Visakhapatnam
  2. Vizianagaram
  3. Srikakulam


Wild Life Management (North)


  1. Curator, Zoo Park
  2. Curator, Zoo Park
  3. Wild Life Management
  4. Wild Life Management
  5. Wild Life Management
  6. Wild Life Management
  7. Anti Poaching Squad
  8. Wild Life Management


  1. Hyderabad
  2. Visakhapatnam
  3. Jannaram
  4. Medak
  5. Rajahmundry
  6. Warangal
  7. Paloncha
  8. Eluru



Wild Life Management (South)


  1. Dy. CF, Sri Venkateshwara National Park
  2. Curator, Zoo Park
  3. Wild Life Management
  4. Wild Life Management
  1. Tirupathi
  2. Tirupathi
  3. Tirupathi
  4. Sullurpet


Field Director, Project Tiger


  1. Asst Director Project Tiger
  2. Asst. Director Project Tiger
  1. Achampet
  2. Atmakur


S.T.C. Circle


  1. Dy. CF
  2. A.C.F
  1. Hyderabad
  2. Hyderabad


The Principal Chief Conservator of forests is assisted by the following Officers at Head Offices

7. Chief Conservators of Forests

5. Conservators of Forests

5. Dy. Conservators of forests.

8. Asst. Conservators of forests.

1. Chief Accounts Officers.

3. Accounts Officers.

1. Gazetted Asst. (Technical)

1. Gazetted Asst. (Non-Technical).

3. General Control of Forests; The general administration of the reserved forests, protected forests and such other lands placed under control of the Forest Department in the whole state is under the control of the Prl. Chief Conservator of forests, who is head of the Forest department. The orders of Government on forest matters will be issued from Energy and Forests Department, to which all correspondence on such matters should be addressed.

4. Administrative Charges; (1) A Conservator’s charge of Circle is divided into

a) Controlling Charges - Forest Divisions

b) Executive Charges -Ranges.

c) Protective Charges -Sections and Beats

(2) A circles consists of number of Forest division ; and number of Ranges make up a forest division; Each Ranges consists of number of sections and each section consists of two or more beats. These charges will be held by the following class of officers.

i. Dy. Conservators of Forest Controlling Charges

Asst. Conservator of Forests.

ii. Forest Ranges Officers Executive Charges

iii. Forests Section Officers Protective Charges

Forest Guards,

Forest Watchers.


3) The arrangement of forests into forest divisions will be regulated by Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests, and that of Forest divisions into Ranges will be regulated by the Conservators of Forests, provided there is no addition to number of Ranges in consultations with principal Chief Conservator of Forests. All changes within a Ranges, ie., alterations in Sections and Beats, can be done by Divisional Forest Officer in consultation with Conservator of Forests. The changes made, and jurisdiction given shall be noticed in A.P. Gazette when new divisions are formed, and the changes in Ranges, Sections and Beats should be notified in the District gazette.

4) The “ Divisional Forest Officer” Whenever it occurs in the Codes and Manuals will mean any of the following Officers;

1. District Forest Officers.

2. Divisional Forest Officers.

3. Working plan Officers.

4. Forest Utilization Officer.

5. Silviculturist.

6. Wild Life Warden.

7. Officers in Charges of Flying Squad Party.

8. Principal, A.P. School of Forestry Yellandu.

9. Asst. Director, Project Tiger.

10. Curator Zoo parks.

5.Classification of Establishment; (1) Permanent establishment includes all officers of whatever rank, who are required for the ordinary administration of forests and who are employed for the whole year and year after year in pensionable service.

Temporary establishment consists of staff which is required to supplement the permanent establishment whenever there is a temporary expansion of (their duties ) development activities in the department.

6.Permanent Establishment; (1) The total strength of non-gazetted establishment will be fixed by Government for the State as a whole. The Principal Chief Conservator has powers to fix the distribution of the non gazetted sanctioned posts to each circles or division. The Conservator will exercise similar powers within their circles under intimation to Prl. Chief Conservators of Forests. This delegation must not, however, be used for creation of appointments in the offices of the officer exercising the power, without prior approval of the Government.

(2) Where men who possess the qualifications prescribed in the statutory rules for the

Andhra Pradesh Forest subordinate Service are not forthcoming to fill appointments

In the higher grades or categories of any class of the subordinate establishment, extra appointments may be made by the appointing authorities in the lower grades to compensate for such deficiencies, provided that total number of appointments sanctioned for each class is not exceeded.

7. Temporary establishment;

a) Temporary Work Charged Establishment; This includes the establishment employed on the execution of works, the sanctioned estimates of which includes the cost of such establishment, and no other sanction is needed. The rates of pay of such establishment would be as fixed by the competent authority from time to time. The sanction of such temporary establishment lapses with the lapse of sanction and appropriation for the work itself.

b) Temporary Establishment (Other than Work-Charged); Temporary establishment (Other than work charged ) will be sanctioned by the Government. The Prl. Chief Conservator for Forests should submit the necessary proposals to Government by the 5 th January each year.

The provisions of Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Service Rules will apply to this temporary establishment.

8. Personal Conduct of Officers; The Andhra Pradesh Civil Service (Conduct) Rule, 1964 are generally applicable to the Forest Department.


9. Composition of Forest staff;

The Forest staff is composed of

  • The Indian Forest Service,
  • The Andhra Pradesh Forest Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh last grade Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh General Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh General Subordinate Service.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Establishment.

10. Constitution of the Forest Staff; The Indian Forest Service in Andhra Pradesh is composed of

a) Principal Chief Conservator of Forest.

b) Chief Conservator of Forests.

c) Conservator of Forests.

d) Deputy Conservators of Forsets.

e) Assistant Conservator of Forests.

The Andhra Pradesh Forest Service consists of

  • Deputy Conservator of Forests.
  • Assistant Conservator of Forests.

The Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Service consists of following categories.



  • Forest Range Officer (Made Gazetted vide. G.O.Ms..No.188, EFES& (Forest.IV) Dept., dt: 9-9-93.
  • Assistant Curator (Nehru Zoological Park).
  • Saw Mill Supervisor.
  • Artist Photographer.
  • Deputy Range Officer.
  • Supervisor (Park).
  • Foresters.
  • Kiln Operators (Foresters.)
  • Zoo Sergeant (Foresters).
  • Forest Guards.
  • Saw Mill Guards ( Forest Guards).
  • Draughtsman Grade-I (including Head Draughtsman).
  • Draughtsman Grade-II.



  • Depot Clerks.
  • Sandal \wood Clerks.
  • Permit Clerks.
  • Maistries.
  • Assistant Checking Officer.
  • Reserve Watcher ( Forest Watcher).
  • Plantation Watcher.
  • Tanadars.
  • Sandal Wood Depot Watchers.
  • Depot Watchers.
  • Bungalow Watchers.
  • Bellow Boy.
  • Launch Sarang.
  • Launch Kalasi.
  • Beat Sarang.
  • Malies.



  • Physical Training Instructor in Forest School.
  • Bugler-cum-Band Master.
  • Washerman.
  • Barber.
  • Mali.
  • Watchman.
  • Cooks.
  • Waterman.
  • Sweeper.
  • Scavenger.



  • Artist-cum-Care taker of Museum.
  • Veterinary live stock Inspector.
  • Supervisor: i) Gardens, ii) Works, iii) Park.
  • Head Animal Keeper.
  • Head Malis.
  • Zoo Sergeant.
  • Blacksmith.
  • Electrician.
  • Fitter.
  • Boat Drivers.
  • Carpenters.
  • Masons.
  • Booking Clerks.
  • Plumber.
  • Painter.
  • Swimming Pool Supervisor.
  • Animal Keeper.
  • Boat Sarang.
  • Traffic Controller.
  • Gate Keeper.
  • Watchman.
  • Laborers.
  • Zoo Attendars.
  • Cook.
  • Helper.



  • Saw Mill Foreman.
  • Sawyer.
  • Head Boilerman.
  • Boilerman.
  • Fireman.
  • Master Carpenter.
  • Carpenter.
  • Operator (Kin and Plant).
  • Helper Grade – I.
  • Helper Grade – II.
  • Electrician.
  • Mechanic.

11.Classified list of Forest Officers:- (1) The Classified list of indian Forest Service Officers Borne on the A.P Cadre will be issued by Government on Ist January and Ist July each year. The Classified list of Deputy Conservator of forests Asst. Conservators of forests will be published by Government on Ist January each year. The Principle Chief Conservator of Forests will issue a list of Forests Range Offices on the State on Ist January each year. The Conservators of Forests should prepare a list Dy.Range Officers and Foresters in his circle and furnish copies to Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests. The Divisional Forests Officers will prepare a list of Forests Guards and Forest Watchers for each year as on Ist January and submit to Conservator of forests and Prl.Chief Conservator of Forest.

(2) The Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests, Conservator of Forests, and Divisional Forests Officers will also prepare and publish an Annual general list corrected upto Ist January each year for the ministerial Establishment for which they are appointing authorities.

(3) All the above lists should be finalised by 15 th January each year.

12. Recruitment for an appointment to AndhraPradeshForest Service and AndhraPradeshForest Subordinate Service.

 The Andhra Pradesh Forest Service Rules, 1965 and Andhra Pradesh Forest Subordinate Service Rules, 1986 contain the constitution of the respective service and the method of recruitment, conditions of Service, qualifications presrcribed and the examinations to be passed. The practical training to be given to officers is detailed in Appendix.I and 6. The disciplinary action and punishments to be inflicted are regulated by the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules 1963.

13. Recruitment for appointment to Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Services.

 The method of recruitment and conditions of Services are regulated by Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Service rules, 1961, A.P. General Subordinate Service Rules, 1960 A.P. Drivers Services Rules 1979, and in general, the A.P. State and subordinate service rules, 1962 And the punishments are regulated by A.P. Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1963. The different grades of appointments in Ministerial services in all Forest Offices, except Prl.Chief Conservators office have been grouped together, they are placed under control of Conservators of Forests and Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests for the purpose of promotion. The office of Principle Chief Conservator of Forests is a separate unit.

14. promotions, Transfers and Postings etc.:- The procedure relating to promotions, transfers and postings etc., of A.P Forest Service, Other Gazetted Officers of Forest Department, A.P. Ministerial Service are given in Appendix.I. The A.P. Fundamental Rules-1922, the A.P.Leave Rules-1933 and the Revised Pension Ruls-1980 will be applicable in the matter of leave, leave salary, and such other matters as contain therein.

(ii) Adhoc Rule for promotion for the post of other gazetted Officers in Forest Department:- The procedure relating to promotions for the post of C.A.O./A.O./G.A./(N.T) and given in appendix-I

(C)15. Service Record/Service book:-

 i) The head of each office shall maintain the record of service of each non-gazetted Government servant working under him in a service book in accordance with the rules under F.R74(a)-Part.III of Annexure-II to the Fundamental Ruless

ii) Similarly, with effect from 1st January 1977 the service books of all gazetted officers (Except Officers of indian Forest Services) will be maintained by the heads of the Offices. The Service books of all Officers of the Indian Forests service in the State will be maintained by Pay and Accounts Officers, Hderabad.

iii) The head of each office has to receive applications for pension from the officers and subordinates under his control or their legal heirs and submit them to the appointing authorities concerned, if he himself is the appointing authority, he should submit them direct to pension sanctioning authority. The Divisional Forest Officers and Conservators of Forests will be the head of offices for the purpose of this section in respect of staff directly working under them. For officers if Indian Forest Service and State Forest Service the Principle Chief Conservator of Forests will discharge the duties as the head of the office.

The detailed procedure prescribed in Pension Rules-1980 and A.P. Manual of Pensions shall be followed in processing the pension cases.

16. Personal files, Preparation and maintenance:- The rules applicable for the preparation, maintenance and usage of personal files in respect of the personnel serving in offices of forest department are given in Appendix-2.

17. Government Servants under suspension:- When a Government Servant is suspended he is free to go whenever he likes , but he must leave his address with the head of his office, and if he himself is the head of office, with his immediate superior, if he fails to do so the enquiry may be held in his absence. The last place of duty shall be deemed to be the head quarters for this purpose.

18. annual Property returns:- Details of all movable and immovable properties should be furnished by all employees of Forest Department, each year. as per rule 9 (7) of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964. The returns of all employees shall be maintained by the Conservator of Forests concerned. The head of Office shall file a copy of the return in the Service book of the employee concerned. The Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests shall maintain these returns in respect of Gazetted cadre, he shall at once submit the return of Pel.Chief Conservator of Forests.

19. Uniform to be worn by Executive and other Staff:-

The pattern of uniform to be worn by Executive and protective Staff of the department while on duty is given in Appendix.III The scale and pattern of liveries to employees in last grade service are also given in same Annexure.

20. Supply of fire arms to Executive and Protective Staff:-

The possession and Carrying of fire arms such as guns, rifles, Pistols and ammunition by any forest officer is in the Course of his duty as public Servant. Hence as per Section 45 (b) (ii) of Indian Arms Act, 1959 (Act No.54 of 1959) the Provisions of the said Act will not be applicable to Forest Officers, therefore, no license is required to be obtained for possession of the arms by the Department. The fire arms and ammunition form part of the equipment and must be accounted for in the stores register. The Principle Chief Conservator of Forests is authorised to sanction the distribution of guns, rifles , etc., among his subordinates as he considers necessary the previous sanction of the Principle Chief Conservator of Forests.

A register of fire arms and ammunition supplied by Government to officers as part of their equipment is maintained in the office of the Principle Chief Conservator of Forests and transfer of fire arms as they occur are noted in it. An annual return specifying the several subordinates who were in possession of fire arms during the previous calendar year should be submitted by Principle Chief Conservator of Forests to Government by 1st February.

  • To enable Prl.Chief Conservator of forests to submit the above return all Conservator should maintain a list in their offices, showing the distribution of the arms and submit it after Annual Verification to reach Prl.Chief Conservator not later than 15 th January. The Conservators will arrange to get in time similar returns from their subordinates officers.
  • The circumstances under which fire can be opened and the consequential action is detailed in Appendix-4.


 21. Examination to be passed by members of Indian Forests Service and StateForest Service and other Gazetted Officers.

 A. Members of the Indian Forest Service should be pass the following tests.

 Language Tests – IFS Probationers.

Telugu - Lower and Higher Standards.

Any of the following languages: Hindi, Urdu, Oriya, Kannada and Tamil – Lower and Higher Standards.

Departmental Tests

1) Law of evidence. 2) Indian Penal Code and Special and Local Criminal Laws. 3) Criminal Protection Code. 4) Account Test by the Higher Grade 5) Departmental Test in Forest Protection, Forest Policy including wild life.

B. Members of the State Forest Service (ACF) should pass the following Tests:-

1) Departmental tests in Law, Office Procedure and Accounts.

2) Accounts Tests for Executive Officers.

3) Tests in Land Revenue 4) Languages test in Telugu.

C. Members of other Gazetted Officers should pass the following Tests.

i) C.A.O .Test as prescribed in Adhoc rules against item

ii)A.O. 14(ii)

iii)G.A. (N.T.)


The Syllabus for the above tests is Appendix-5. Where a person does not the prescribed tests within the period of probation, his probation will not be declared but will be extended. If the period of probation is extended his increment shall also be postponed until he completes his

probation satisfactorily.

Examinations to be passed by Rangers and Forest Apprentices:

 A Forest Range Officer shall pass the Departmental tests in Forest Law and Office Procedure and Accounts within a period of three years on duty from the date of joining. His probation will not be declared and no increments shall be released to him till he passes the departmental tests.

 Examinations to be passed by the members of the Ministerial Service:

For the post of A.O./ G.A.(N.T.) the staff member should pass

  • The Account Test for subordinate Officers-part II and
    • Departmental Test.

And for promotion as Superintendent, Senior Assistants the staff members should pass.

  • Account Test for subordinate Officer Part-I and
  • Departmental test in A.P. Forest Department Code and A.P. Account Code Vol. III Articles 240 to 297.

(Vide Annexure-I and II of A.P. Ministerial Service Rules-1966)

  •  control and Conduct of Examinations:

All the examinations are conducted by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission and detailed instruction are contained in the notifications issued by the commission in Andhra Pradesh Gazette.

  •  Attendance at the Examination-how treated:

The number of days actually required by a staff member of proceeding to and returning from the station at which a departmental test, which he is permitted to attend is held, will be treated as a period of duty in addition to the day or days of examinations.This concession shall not be granted more than twice for the same examination.


26. Disciplinary action against forest staff procedure:

The disciplinary proceedings in respect of the Indian Forest Service Officers will be governed by the all India Service (Conduct) Rules, 1968 and all India Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969. The disciplinary proceedings in respect of other staff of forest department will be governed by the Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 and Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules, 1963.


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